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Republicans across the nation escalate the war on voters, and the filibuster is their key weapon

March 25, 2021
Right now, the Republican legislatures in at least eight states controlled by their party are trying to seize complete control of the election process, over civil servants, judges, and county officials. Georgia is ground zero. “It’s looking at total control of the election process by elected officials, which is not what it should be,” Helen

Thousands of NY voters can fix faulty ballot statements now

November 11, 2020
Thousands of New Yorkers whose absentee ballots were disqualified for mailing errors have time to correct the problem weeks after the election under a new state law. The city Board of Elections preliminary report released Tuesday found that 96 percent of the record 713,536 absentee ballots received in the mail during the coronavirus pandemic —

Biden Voters Rebuild a ‘Blue Wall’ That Trump Smashed

November 8, 2020
On Saturday, a new calm set in.“I don’t think I need the Wellbutrin anymore — no more antidepressant for me,” said Ruth Briggs, 65, who was skipping down Arch Street in Philadelphia. “Four years of depression, just four years. It’s been horrible. And it’s lifted.”In his first address to the nation as president-elect, Mr. Biden

As early voting winds down across the country, voters are more determined to cast ballots than ever

November 1, 2020
This little PSA, coming in at exactly 60 seconds, reminds us of why each of our votes is needed. Brian wants you to know that it’s safe to vote in his Florida precinct. In Clay, New York—a suburb of Syracuse—so many people have early voted, they were already out of the beloved “I Voted” stickers

Trump’s Hard-Line Immigration Policies Go Before Voters

October 30, 2020
McALLEN, Texas — The leadership of the Department of Homeland Security gathered on Thursday under the shadow of 30-foot, black-painted, steel bollards to promote the near completion of 400 miles of President Trump’s border wall.The politics of the moment, five days before the election, was lost on no one.“The only reason we haven’t reached another

Trump’s ‘wishful thinking’ on coronavirus pushes key GOP voters in Midwest to Biden

October 27, 2020
“There is still too much wishful thinking and not enough clear guidance,” said Loiacono, who lives in a heavily blue-collar area just blocks from Lake Winnebago. In 2016, Trump flipped Winnebago County from blue to red, but now it’s among the top 10 counties in the Badger State where new COVID-19 infections are flaring, according

Nationwide dispatches from Vote Early Day voters

October 25, 2020
Voter education is particularly important in an election held in the middle of a pandemic. The Vote Early Day website is just one of many that provide a plethora of resources to help people find out how to vote early, since policies and procedures vary from state to state.  xAs of today 10/24, Americans can vote early in person in these

Trump campaign reaches 100M voters in campaign milestone

September 11, 2020
WASHINGTON — President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee passed an enormous milestone this week — making contact with their 100 millionth voter through door knocking and phone banking. The RNC says it has knocked on the doors of 12 million potential voters in battleground states since mid-June — that’s around 1 million a

Biden Mocks Trump’s Infamous Ramp Walk. Asks Voters to Compare Their Health.

September 8, 2020
For a long-time, bashing a political opponents health would be considered out of bounds. That was before the age of Donald Trump, however. The 45th President was downright giddy when he had to opportunity to talk about Hillary Clinton’s bout with pneumonia. Trump has spent the last few months defending his health and mental capacity.

Which Candidate Do Voters Trust to Handle the Unrest?

September 4, 2020
Welcome to Poll Watch, our weekly look at polling data and survey research on the candidates, voters and issues that will shape the 2020 election.The trips this week to Kenosha, Wis., by President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. laid bare the political bets both presidential candidates are making about how voters will respond to

Democrats Just Stopped Millions Of Voters From Being Disenfranchised In Texas

August 30, 2020
Democrats won a major court decision that stops Republicans in Texans from disenfranchising millions of the state’s voters on a technicality. According to a statement by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee provided to PoliticusUSA:The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Texas Democratic Party announced a major victory in their litigation to ensure

Stupid Trump tries to cheat, but screws his own voters instead

August 15, 2020
Trump’s attacks on the U.S. Postal Service will cement his landslide loss, and take down even more Republicans than was already the case.  First of all, here’s Trump’s stark reality: he’s got zero juice in urban America and he’s lost the suburbs. All that’s left are rural communities. HIs party is inextricably tied to that, as

Biden risks alienating young Black voters after race remarks

August 8, 2020
WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden’s controversial remarks about race this week risk alienating young Black voters who despise President Donald Trump but are not inspired by his Democratic rival.When pressed by Errol Barnett of CBS News on whether he’d taken a cognitive test, Biden responded that the question was akin to asking the Black reporter

In Saturday primary, Honolulu voters may choose new path on criminal justice

August 7, 2020
Seven candidates are competing here, but recent polls show that only three of them have a good chance to advance to an all-but-certain second round in November: public defender Jacquie Esser; defense attorney Megan Kau, who is a former local prosecutor; and former Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Steve Alm, who served as U.S. attorney during

Young voters in battleground states are concerned about the coronavirus for a surprising reason

July 31, 2020
In terms of the coronavirus, it’s ranked as the No. 1 issue for young voters in the November election, coming in at 24%. Just after at 19% is ending systemic racism. Affordable health care, climate change, and voting rights follow.  When considering the impact the virus has had on respondents’ lives, young Democrats are, as mentioned previously,

Biden reassures voters in first Texas ad as coronavirus cases surge

July 16, 2020
Specifically, House Democrats’ campaign arm reserved nearly $1.25 million in ad space, of which about $250,000 went to Spanish-language ads. As recently as May, the DCCC hadn’t included Texas in an initial $18.3 million ad buy, although a Pelosi-aligned Super PAC had dropped $2.2 million in Houston in April. The buys will likely serve the dual

As Pete Buttigieg Courts Black Voters, His Sexuality Is a Hurdle for Some

November 11, 2019
A Buttigieg campaign memo that surfaced last week suggested “being gay was a barrier” to support from some black voters in South Carolina. Pete Buttigieg spoke on Saturday to South Carolina voters at a homecoming tailgate event at Allen University, a historically black campus in Columbia.Credit...Bryan Cereijo for The New York TimesROCK HILL, S.C. —…

Republicans-If You&’re Really Against Racism-Restore Voting Rights Act

June 25, 2015
WASHINGTON (Wednesday, June 24, 2015) – Two years since the Supreme Court gutted core protections in the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder ...

Affluent African American Cities

October 27, 2014
Pete's Cheat Sheet® – Flagpole Magazine Pete's Cheat Sheet®Flagpole MagazineThis runoff highlights the dual role all commissioners play: They represent their individual districts, but they also govern the city as a whole. So, the voters in District 3 will be electing somebody who will keep an … She has moreover shown a keen … http://www.blackpolitics.org/african-ame…

African American Politics: A History of Struggle

August 6, 2014
[wzslider autoplay=”true” transition=”‘slide'” lightbox=”true”] African American Politics: A History of Struggle   In the year 2008, tens of millions of African Americans turned out in historic numbers to propel Barak Obama to the US Democratic Party nomination and, ultimately, the Presidency of the United States.  The turnout in that election was the culmination of a

Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta

May 22, 2014
Questions and Answers Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta Differences and Similarity between Booker T’s ideas and Du Bois Ideas?Compare and contrast thier ideas. Posted by Chrisna S [display_name id=”1″]1989- Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois offered different strategies for dealing with the problems of poverty and discrimination faced by Black Americans at the end