Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta

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Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta

Differences and Similarity between Booker T’s ideas and Du Bois Ideas?Compare and contrast thier ideas.

Posted by Chrisna S
[display_name id=”1″]1989- Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois offered different strategies for dealing with the problems of poverty and discrimination faced by Black Americans at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century.
*Assess the appropriateness of each of these strategies in the historical context to which each was developed.
Thesis: Between 1877 and 1915, while Black Americans faced poverty and discrimination, Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois both advocated freedom from oppression, but each led his rebellion differently.
Synopsis: The reconstruction period served as an important factor in the advancement of colored people. During this time, the first black universities were officially founded and the hope for education appealed to blacks. Furthermore, the emergence of two prominent leaders of the freedom from oppression movement, Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois improved the likelihood of black success. As a former slave and a graduate of the Hampton Institute, Washington’s goal to teach southern African-Americans skilled labor, economic self-help, hard work, and moderation attained substantial success. Thus, he opened Tuskegee University for this purpose. Washington clearly aimed to cement the integration and cooperation of races while also promoting economic and educational advancement. On the national level, Washington’s proposals achieved distinction in white politics, while Dubois’ innovations gained respect from white Americans. However, Dubois also criticized democracy, therefore losing support from influential white politicians. Still, his attempts were to some avail, for he revived the African American advancement movement after Washington suggested black submission to the white race in his Atlanta Compromise Address. Dubois condemned such oppressive statements and suggested racial equality among all people for the promise of advancement. Although Washington’s tactics proved more rational, both leaders played decisive roles in the improvement of blacks in American society.
Can we consider Henry Armstrong as the greatest Native American boxer ever?In my opinion as a history major back in college, Native Americans are the most under-represented group in the history of this country. They have also suffered the worst atrocity committed by European immigrants against minorities.There are many great Native Americans who are under represented and rarely gets any attention, especially those who have 25-50% Native American gene pool such as Johnny Depp, Elvis Presley, Tommy Lee, Shania Twain (Native American-Canadian), Dan Henderson (UFC), and Wayne Newton. But because 25% or 50% of them are of other races, their Native American heritage is automatically not recognized by the public. Can you honestly tell me Johnny Depp, Elvis, Dan Henderson, Tommy Lee, or Wayne Newton has Anglo-Saxon-American features? Um.. No! I see a huge resemblance of Native American gene pool.Now going back to boxing, you have Henry Armstrong who’s grandfather is Irish and grandmother an African American. His father is half white and half black who married a pure blooded Native American. This makes Henry Armstrong 50% Native American and 25 % white, and 25% black. Indeed, Henry Armstrong actually has a higher percentage of Native American blood, yet no boxing site today credit him as the greatest native American boxer ever, but he is considered a pioneer for African American boxers? I find that unfair.What is going on here? I would like for Native Americans to get some level of recognition whether if it is in movies, television, politics, or sports.I consider Herny Armstrong as the greatest Native American boxer ever and is the greatest Native American athlete ever!
My absolute intent is to bring more recognition to Native Americans. That’s all 🙂 I want full credit for them. They own this country and we should honor them for being permanent guests.
Edit:Can you honestly tell me Johnny Depp, Elvis, Dan Henderson, Tommy Lee, or Wayne Newton has a FULL OR GENERAL Anglo-Saxon-American features? Um.. No! I see a huge resemblance of Native American gene pool.

Just minor changes to be politically correct.
@ Galactus, Thank you my friend! Great analysis by the way! 🙂

@ Shaider, you’re welcome:-)

Posted by JON
[display_name id=”1″]You’re amazing JON and I commend you for having the guts to say what others are too ignorant or afraid to say. You’re right that it seems a bit unfair to label Armstrong as Black while omitting his Native American heritage.However, if anyone is to blame for the omission of Armstrong’s true heritage, you must blame those who wrote American history in the first place, which is full of untruths. You are also correct in stating that Native Amercians are the most under represented group in America and perhaps the world. How much do we Really know about them. I could go for hours on this topic.My mother was 75% Native American but I grew up with the belief that she was “Black and “Something”. I knew she couldn’t have been simply Black but, if you’re talking about Black Americans, who is? Muhammad ALI recently met with his Irish relatives. To look at his father and mother you can tell that both had recent (one generation) European and Native American blood.The problem, and the part I commend you for, is that you have to consider who is really responsible for labeling those mixed with Black, simply Black. In those days you were labeled by the governing bodies who ran the country. Today it seems that Blacks claim those who are mixed. During Armstrong’s time, if you were mixed with ANY Black, you were simply Black, as in “Not White”.In any case, Armstrong’s Native American heritage is largely ignored. In this case, I would have to agree that Henry Armstrong is, by far, the greatest Native American boxer in history. That’s easy because he’s no less than TOP 5 regardless of any group or class.However, I’m not sure if Armstrong is the greatest Native American Athlete. There’s Jim Thorpe and I’m sure there are many other Native Americans who were never given credit for their heritage.

Great point.

Why does Obama use Race as a sympathy factor?He uses clips from others to makes his speaches, he copies opposing party solutions, and he uses the black factor to win the sympathy of voters.
Barak Obama had rooted himself in the black community and uses the times before he was born to bolster his campain. He talks about the history of blacks and attains a position as if America owes him and all blacks something. Why does he use his race to gain the sympathy of us white people who feel bad for the blacks and as a sword for the African American Community?

Posted by J.C.
[display_name id=”1″]I don’t know if he actually is doing all of those things, but whatever he’s doing is because it’s politics and he wants to win. And that’s what people do in politics; use what they have going for them, and using things that their opponents having going against them to win.Hillary and Barack have both been very flip-floppy and not actually making very defined promises. I like both of them but I personally trust Hilary a little more since she has at least shown us what she is capable of. I would trust Obama more if he would actually give some details behind his plans.

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