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Dominion Voting Systems Takes On Ex-Michigan State Senator for “Sowing Discord in Our Democracy”

April 5, 2021
Dominion Voting Systems has sent a cease-and-desist letter to former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck (R), who Dominion notes has claimed, without evidence, that Dominion’s voting machines were rigged so President Joe Biden could win the state during the 2020 general election. “You are knowingly sowing discord in our democracy, all the while soliciting exorbitant

Michigan GOP again reverses course on certifying election results

November 19, 2020
Two members of a four-person board in Wayne County, Michigan, tasked with certifying election results have reversed course again following their initial refusal, and then acquiescence to certify results amid accusations of political motivations and racism by Democrats. Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, the two Republicans on the four-member board of canvassers, originally offered no

Republicans Are Trying To Steal Michigan For Trump By Refusing To Certify Detroit Votes

November 17, 2020
In another brazen effort to steal a state for Donald Trump, Republicans in Michigan are trying to prevent votes in Wayne County – where Detroit is located – from being certified. “The Republican chair of the board, Monica Palmer, literally just said she would be open to certifying the vote in ‘communities other than Detroit’,”

Anti-lockdown Michigan congressman tests positive for coronavirus

November 17, 2020
A GOP congressman from Michigan who has criticized Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order announced on Monday that he’d tested positive for the coronavirus and urged people to follow public health guidelines. Rep. Tim Walberg, 69, said he was experiencing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and after learning on Sunday that he’d tested positive for the

Scott Atlas urges people to ‘rise up’ against Michigan shutdowns

November 16, 2020
Dr. Scott Atlas, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, called for people to “rise up” up after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a three-week “pause to save lives” during the coronavirus pandemic. “The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp,” Atlas said in

Trump’s Own Polling Has Him Losing Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania

November 4, 2020
Contrary to their public message, Trump’s own internal polling shows him losing Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Video: Nicolle Wallace says even Trump’s own polling shows him badly losing in Wisconsin and Michigan and far enough behind in Pennsylvania that his only hope is to declare a red mirage victory and go to court. #ElectionNight pic.twitter.com/WbPZYR0VPr

The Trump Campaign Violates Michigan Law With Superspreader Campaign Rally

September 11, 2020
Even before Donald Trump touched down in the swing state of Michigan on Thursday night, his campaign broke state law by hosting an outdoor event with more than 250 people. CNN’s Jim Acosta, on the ground for the event, noted that there’s “very little social distancing and not many masks” present at the Trump rally,

Michigan Democrats Hesitate on Whitmer as V.P.: ‘Selfishly, We Need Her Here’

August 10, 2020
Ms. Whitmer, 48, has a history and easy rapport with Mr. Biden: He campaigned for her governor’s race in 2018 and she returned the favor, endorsing him before Michigan’s presidential primary and appearing with him at his last big rally in the state before the pandemic struck. She was one of the first to appear

Joe Biden’s Win in Michigan Gives Him a Clear Path to the Democratic Nomination

March 23, 2020
Joe Biden is looking more and more like the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, adding to his delegate lead on Tuesday with another set of primary victories that further deflated Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Six states voted on Tuesday, and Biden won the first three to close their polls: Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri. Voting continued in Washington,…

Joe Biden Wins Michigan Democratic Primary, Delivering Major Blow to Bernie Sanders

March 22, 2020
(WASHINGTON) — Joe Biden won Michigan’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, seizing a key battleground state that helped propel Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy four years ago. The former vice president’s victory in Michigan, as well as Missouri and Mississippi, dealt a serious blow to Sanders, who is urgently seeking to jump-start his flagging campaign. Sanders could…