Trump Humilates Himself By Claiming His Executive Orders Are Laws

Trump was back on his statues kick again and claimed that his executive orders are laws to protect monuments. (They’re not).
Trump said, “I will say that we put on a very powerful rule and law. You get ten years if you knock down a monument. If it’s a federal monument, you go to jail for ten years, and if it’s anything else, we tell them. We work with the states to help them, but if you do anything where it’s a federal monument, and there are a lot of them up there. Nobody’s been attacked, nothing’s been attacked since we did ten years in jail monument or statue.”

Trump thinks he can make laws by executive order (he can’t)
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 13, 2020

Trump doesn’t know the difference between executive orders and laws. A law is passed by Congress and signed by the president. An executive only relates to the implementation of a law by the Executive Branch. The president does not make laws.
It is embarrassing for the United States to have a president who doesn’t understand what a law is and laws are made.
If Joe Biden wins the election, one of his first acts in office will be to undo all of Trump’s executive orders. Since Trump has no major legislative legacy beyond a failed tax cut, the Trump presidency will virtually vanish from a policy perspective when Biden undoes Trump’s executive orders.
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