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Trump Sent His Economic Team Out To Defend His Executive Orders And It Was A Total Disaster

August 10, 2020
Trump sent his top economic advisers to defend his executive orders and the result was chaos, confusion, and disaster. Larry Kudlow seemed to have no idea how much money unemployed people would be getting: BASH: You keep saying $1,200 per person. Are you talking about in addition to the unemployment that they’re already getting? KUDLOW:

Administration Officials Defend Executive Action on Pandemic Relief

August 9, 2020
WASHINGTON — Facing sharp criticism, administration officials on Sunday struggled to explain the executive actions President Trump used to circumvent Congress in the absence of an agreement on a coronavirus aid package, even as they defended him and insisted that Americans would receive the relief he promised.The president’s decision on Saturday to sign a series

3 of the 4 ‘executive orders’ Trump signed weren’t actually executive orders

August 9, 2020
Trump, of course, is his most stunning when he’s off-book, and not in the “my eldest daughter is stunning” kind of way. Sure, the scripts that Trump’s handlers and yes-people write for him are not heralded for excellence in speechwriting, but there’s nothing like the rambling we hear when the gold-plated Republican is given a chance to freestyle.

Trump Humilates Himself By Claiming His Executive Orders Are Laws

July 13, 2020
Trump was back on his statues kick again and claimed that his executive orders are laws to protect monuments. (They’re not). Trump said, “I will say that we put on a very powerful rule and law. You get ten years if you knock down a monument. If it’s a federal monument, you go to jail