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Africa: Climate Change Will Not Be Fixed Without Continent

April 24, 2021
When Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi spoke at the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate this week, he had the force of the continent behind him, as president of the African Union. And he made clear that all the new emissions-cutting pledges from rich countries were not enough. “It is important that this summit accelerates the mobilization

Zimbabwe: Independence Without Land Is Meaningless

April 10, 2021
A Zimbabwe without land doesn’t exist. Land defines who we are as Zimbabweans. Throughout Zimbabwe’s history, land has been at the heart of the conflict between settlers and indigenous populations. When Zimbabwe was annexed by British colonialists in the 1880s, the development of the colony became tied to settler colonialism, mineral exploitation, ranching and the

Africa: A Year Without Precedent – WHO’s Covid-19 Response

December 25, 2020
Taking stock of all that’s been achieved – and the partnerships working to end the pandemic. It was the scenario the public health community had feared for decades. A dangerous virus emerges. It spreads rapidly around the world. COVID-19 infects people when they come together, but coming together is also how we will beat it.

Woman snuck onto flight without ticket to see Jay-Z: prosecutors

November 10, 2020
A Chicago woman skirted past several layers of security and somehow boarded a plane at O’Hare International Airport without a ticket, hoping to fly to Los Angeles to see rapper Jay-Z, prosecutors said. Yaazmina Payton, 23, was arrested at the Chicago airport early Sunday after she was identified as the woman who “boarded an airplane

DNI John Ratcliffe made up the claim that Iran was out to hurt Donald Trump, without any evidence

October 29, 2020
According to Politico, when Ratcliffe said that the series of threatening emails were “designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest, and damage President Trump” he was on track right up until that final comma. It also seems that the press event was entirely Ratcliffe’s idea. FBI and DHS officials agreed to join him on stage as

Adam Schiff Says Trump Thinks He Can’t Beat Biden Without Russian Help

August 30, 2020
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Trump is hiding election security briefings because he can’t beat Biden without Russia. Chairman Schiff said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “When you can hide behind documents or withhold documents and not have to answer questions about it, it lets you conceal the truth. And in this

Trump Heads To The Golf Course With Lindsey Graham Without Even Mentioning John Lewis

July 19, 2020
More than 10 hours after the death of civil rights icon John Lewis was reported, Donald Trump and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham headed to the golf course without even uttering a single word of condolence. “John Lewis is dead,” Andrew Feinberg noted on Twitter. “President Donald Trump has not said a word about it,

ASAP Rocky Returns to Sweden in Triumph, Without Trump’s Help

December 30, 2019
reporter’s notebookThe rapper’s show in Stockholm on Wednesday came just months after his trial for assault in the country drew international attention.ASAP Rocky performing at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm on Wednesday night.Credit...Erika Gerdemark for The New York TimesDec. 12, 2019STOCKHOLM — When the rapper ASAP Rocky played an arena show in Stockholm on Wednesday…