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Ignore The Polls And Sprint Through The Finish Line

October 17, 2020
The Biden campaign has a simple message for Democratic voters as this race approaches its final days: Don’t let up until the votes are counted and Donald Trump is defeated. According to The New York Times, “In a memo that will be sent to supporters on Saturday, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, stressed

Flat Polls. Weak Ratings. Do Political Conventions Have a Future?

September 6, 2020
They help fire up the party’s most fervent voters (though perhaps not so much this year) and can gin up contributions from viewers. Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee, had one of his best nights of fund-raising the night he gave his acceptance speech. And they can be fun for attendees: There is a

The Trump Campaign Is Losing Its Mind Over Polls Showing A Biden Blue Wave

July 26, 2020
Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be in a panic over a slew of recent polls showing Joe Biden expanding his lead nationally and in a swath of key battleground states. According to Dave Catanese of McClatchy, the Trump campaign team presented a slideshow to reporters explaining that the polls are skewed and 2020 will turn