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South Africa: Workers Make SA a Better Place

May 1, 2021
President Cyril Ramaphosa has paid tribute to the efforts of workers amidst the ongoing fight against COVID-19. The President said workers have sacrificed a lot and have been severely affected by the pandemic in terms of the loss of income. “Frontline workers such as medical personnel, the police teachers and other staff members in the

CHAD : Secret talks to place Déby's son "Kaka" under intense international pressure

April 24, 2021
Before it even began, Idriss Déby’s state funeral on 23 April had all the trappings of a Chad-Africa summit. Since Source link

Africa: Raising Africa’s Place in the Global Renewable Energy Development

March 31, 2021
Africa accounted for only two percent of global renewable energy deployment despite the abundance of renewable energy resources. This means that the Continent has not yet scratched the surface of the opportunities in this sector. To do this, barriers inhibiting progress in the sector including the policy, legal, finance, and technological barriers must get solved

Malawi’s Top Chess Player Mwale ‘Between Rock and a Hard Place’ to Defend His Chessam Title

December 24, 2020
Malawi’s top ranked chess player, Joseph Mwale – who is based in South Africa – wants to come and defend his Chess Association of Malawi (CHESSAM) National Championship title but is torn between a rock and a hard following the closure of all land borders for two weeks starting from December 23. In an interview,

A place to look for life in the solar system is erupting with water

November 18, 2020
One of the best spots to look for life, NASA is slated to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa in the next 10 years. A new study, however, notes the water plumes that are erupting from the celestial satellite could shed new light on cryovolcanic eruptions across icy bodies throughout the solar system. The research, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters,