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AFRICA : Online news media Brut out to conquer African millenials

April 29, 2021
Online news channel Brut, founded in 2016 by Renaud Le Van Kim, Guillaume Lacroix and Laurent Lucas, is launching its first African venture in May. Source link

Africa: YC-Backed Kidato Raises $1.4m Seed to Scale Its Online School for K-12 Students in Africa

April 26, 2021
In public schools across Africa, classrooms are often overcrowded and this affects how teachers and students interact. The large classroom creates too much work for teachers leaving students’ individual problems unattended. Private schools are modeled to fix these issues, but they can be expensive for the average African middle-class professional with kids. Kidato, an online

African Online Civic Space Threatened

March 26, 2021
A new study from the African Digital Network, whose members include 30 in-country global digital rights organisations, activists, academics and analysts such as the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Associate Professor of Media Studies, Tanja Bosch, compared the digital rights landscapes of ten African countries to come to a worrying conclusion: over the last 20

Africa: Online Vaccine Scams – INTERPOL and Homeland Security Investigations Issue Public Warning

March 24, 2021
Lyon — INTERPOL and the United States’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) have joined forces to warn the public against purchasing alleged COVID-19 vaccines and treatments online. With criminal groups producing, distributing, and selling fake vaccines, the risks to the public are clear: these can include buying a product which not only does not protect against

Namibia: Online Store to Boost Influencer Culture

February 15, 2021
Local entrepreneur Adderley Williams wants to change the Namibian e-commerce industry and make Namibians more comfortable with shopping online. Williams and his team aim to change the e-commerce and influencer space by starting an online platform to empower businesses and social-media influencers. Thenga.com.na is a premium Namibian online store to be launched by the end

Africa: COVID 19: TrustAfrica V6 CO Online Medical Supplies Provide Relief for Healthcare Workers in Senegal

January 27, 2021
TrustAfrica Foundation will be providing much-needed relief to healthcare workers in Senegal as part of its contribution to the concerted efforts to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Foundation plans to donate about thirty thousand high-quality masks from Wednesday, January 27, to be used for the protection of frontline healthcare providers in the

Trump sours on online learning that his administration evangelized

July 18, 2020
In events and media appearances over the past several weeks, the White House and administration officials have repeatedly insisted that the nation’s schools and colleges must physically reopen classes — and that online instruction, fully or partially, isn’t an appropriate alternative. They’ve threatened to use federal funding as a lever to prod schools into physically