Namibia: Online Store to Boost Influencer Culture

Local entrepreneur Adderley Williams wants to change the Namibian e-commerce industry and make Namibians more comfortable with shopping online.
Williams and his team aim to change the e-commerce and influencer space by starting an online platform to empower businesses and social-media influencers. is a premium Namibian online store to be launched by the end of February.
Customers will be able to shop for a variety of products and have them delivered to their doorstep. will not offer products but also services and travel deals.
“This will be a collaborative effort between businesses and social media influencers to create content that will resonate with customers and convince them digital is the way forward – as has been proven in some parts of Africa and overseas,” Williams says.
Having seen and helped to develop e-commerce in South Africa, he has identified a gap in the market with the potential to open new opportunities for revenue generation in Namibia, he says.
He aspires to use his 13 years of experience in e-commerce to offer Namibian businesses and influencers a platform to make money online and grow their careers, he says.

“Thenga is derived from Zulu, meaning ‘to buy’,” he says.
Williams says he hopes to eventually get more brands on board. will deliver nationwide and have location-specific service deals.

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Food deliveries in Windhoek would be within an hour, and national deliveries would take two days, depending on the location of the supplier.
This is on par with similar brands in South Africa, such as, Williams says.
“Thenga has various categories such as liquor, food, tech, fashion, adult, travel sales, gifts, health and wellness, books and services,” he says.
Co-director Roberts Katangolo says: “We are a relatively new company, but we are optimistic that our listing will skyrocket. Engagement on social media around is picking up, and we hope to reach audiences around Namibia and far and wide in Africa.”
He says consumers have positively responded to their advertisements and “we are continuously working hard to triple those numbers and reach our niche”.

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