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CHINA/GUINEA : iB2's experts in Guinean bauxite move forward with alumina plans in China

January 8, 2021
Covid-19 willing, early this year French iB2 will begin engineering work on its first alumina production unit in Shanxi province Source link

Experts say ‘nothing abnormal’ about massive alligator seen on Florida golf course

November 13, 2020
The behemoth alligator caught taking a stroll at a Florida golf course — and stupefying the whole of social media — is “nothing abnormal,” according to gator experts. The mammoth mutant was spotted at Valencia Golf & Country Club in Naples Wednesday as Tropical Storm Eta bore down on the Sunshine State, its massive swinging

Who won the final presidential debate? Experts grade Trump-Biden

October 23, 2020
President Trump posted a sharper and calmer performance during his final debate against former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night, but it was unclear if his better showing was enough to alter the shape of the race in its closing days, a Post panel of debate experts said. Four experts examined the 90-minute forum

Trump says US would be in ‘massive depression’ if he listened to experts

October 19, 2020
President Trump said the US would be in the throes of a “massive depression” if he had “totally” heeded advice from scientists on coronavirus-related lockdown measures. Trump made the economic prediction at his Sunday rally in Carson City, Nevada, adding that the country would endure another Great Depression if Joe Biden is elected president. “He’s

As Trump Demanded Schools Reopen, His Experts Warned of ‘Highest Risk’

July 12, 2020
Groups representing education leaders praised the document, saying after months of mixed messages from the federal government, the inclusion of specific plans could serve as a blue print for schools and families to help navigate the uncertainty that the fall will bring.“What it tells us is left to its own devices, the C.D.C. can do