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Joe Biden Is Driving Republicans Crazy By Being So Positive And Nice

April 13, 2021
Republicans are complaining that they can’t drive President Biden’s poll numbers down because he is too positive and nice. The Independent reported:The GOP campaign consultant — a veteran of both presidential and congressional politics — said Biden’s relative reticence, combined with his age and race, has made it harder to launch culture war-based attacks on

Joe Biden Washes Away Trump’s Crazy Like A Political Palate Cleanser On 60 Minutes

October 26, 2020
Compared to Trump ranting conspiracies and walking out of interviews, Joe Biden’s thoughtful and calm interview was a 60 Minutes palate cleanser. Biden made it clear that he is not underestimating Trump: Joe Biden isn’t underestimating Trump, and he is fighting for every single vote. Biden knows who and what he is up against. pic.twitter.com/IIu0tgdcrp

Trump’s convention speech make you feel crazy? Rachel Maddow’s fact-check will restore your sanity

August 28, 2020
I think it might be helpful if I just did like a real, real quick speed-read auctioneer fact-check, just on some of the top lines so we can clear those out of the way. This was more than an hour-long speech by the president. We think this is the second-longest acceptance speech ever given by

QAnon’s crazy-quilt conspiracy universe has grown to immense size during the pandemic

August 12, 2020
NBC News’ Ari Sen and Brandy Zadrozny reported this week that Facebook has undertaken an investigation into the spread of QAnon material on its social-media platform, and its findings so far are daunting and disturbing: There are thousands of Facebook groups spreading the conspiracy theories with millions of members.   “The top 10 groups identified