Sean Hannity Calls For A Do-Over In Pennsylvania As MAGA World Melts Down

In another sign that the MAGA world is melting down as the presidency slips away from Donald Trump, Sean Hannity called for a do-over of the election in Pennsylvania.
“The only remedy I would see at that point is … a do-over in that state,” Hannity said with a straight face. “Something that has never been done in a presidential election.”

Here’s Hannity arguing that Pennsylvania should do a “do over” election
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 6, 2020

Of course, the reason a do-over “has never been done before” is that a losing candidate can’t just call for another election because they don’t like the legal results of the first one.
Hannity’s do-over suggestion is ludicrous and he knows it, but it will provide false hope to his MAGA viewers.
Biden is on the path to winning Pennsylvania
It’s no surprise that Donald Trump and his MAGA hangers-on are melting down in real time and, in Sean Hannity’s case, on live television.
At this hour, Trump’s margin in Pennsylvania continues to shrink at a rapid pace and Biden is likely on track to overtake the president.
The same thing is unfolding in Georgia, as Biden and Trump are in a virtual tie, with the Democratic nominee likely to overtake the president as more votes come in.

Deep down, Donald Trump and his loyalists know that their goose is cooked, and they’re desperately flailing to avoid what is increasingly the unavoidable: President-Elect Joe Biden.
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