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African Development Fund Ranked Among the World’s Leading Providers of Development Assistance

June 9, 2021
The African Development Fund has been ranked second among 49 international agencies for the quality of its development assistance, underscoring its relevance to the continent’s most vulnerable countries. The African Development Fund is the concessional arm of the African Development Bank Group. According to the fifth edition of the Quality of Official Development Assistance report,

HORN OF AFRICA : World Bank considers billion-dollar investment in electricity infrastructure for Horn

June 7, 2021
The five Horn of Africa countries – Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan – could be in line for financing to the tune of $1.035bn from the World Bank. Source link

Africa: Update From the Seventy-Fourth World Health Assembly – 29 May 2021

May 31, 2021
New resolutions on: Local production of medicines Ending violence against children Addressing social determinants of health Strengthening local production of medicines and other health technologies to improve access Member State requests for WHO’s support in strengthening local production have been increasing in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to highlight even more the

Namibia to Host United Nations World Tourism Organization Regional Conference in June

May 6, 2021
Namibia will host the United Nations World Tourism Organization Regional Conference on Strengthening Brand Africa for the Swift Recovery of the Tourism Sector from the 14 to 16 June in Windhoek. The United Nations World Tourism Regional Director for Africa, Ms. Elcia Grandcourt, has been present in Namibia this past week undertaking a planning mission

Africa: Factbox – World’s Water Woes Spring From Undervaluing Its ‘Blue Gold’

March 25, 2021
Many people neglect the value of water and the benefits it can bring, says World Water Development Report 2021 Why are humans so enthusiastic about discovering traces of water on Mars, and yet do not treat the Earth’s supply of “blue gold” with the same respect nor seek to share it more fairly? So asks

Washington’s Delusion of Endless World Dominion – BillMoyers.com

March 23, 2021
Globe with US highlighted. Photo by Antonio Quagliata from Pexels This article originally appeared on TomDispatch.com. Empires live and die by their illusions. Visions of empowerment can inspire nations to scale the heights of global hegemony. Similarly, however, illusions of omnipotence can send fading empires crashing into oblivion. So it was with Great Britain in

Africa: World’s Biggest Stars Come Out to Support Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan For The World

February 25, 2021
Cape Town — “The urgency to get a vaccine to everyone, everywhere cannot be underestimated. As a country, we will be joining efforts to help the world recover better by ending the pandemic as a priority, addressing food security and hunger, getting all our children back to school, addressing climate change, and protecting the most

Swaziland King Admits Kingdom Fails to Be a First World Nation

February 20, 2021
King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of Swaziland (eSwatini), has admitted his poverty-stricken kingdom will not attain ‘First World’ status by 2022. He had been claiming this was possible for many years. The King in a speech opening the Swazi Parliament on Friday (19 February 2021) blamed the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for the failure. He

AFRICA : France, Turkey, China and EU: the world war of Africa-themed summits

February 16, 2021
On 18 May, Paris will host a major summit on investment in Africa. French President Emmanuel Macron intends to invite Source link

The World of the White House Falls to Pieces – BillMoyers.com

January 16, 2021
Two stories jump out at me tonight. The first is the question of why Trump seems so desperate to stay in a job he clearly has no interest in doing. Today, reporters caught sight of Michael J. Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, going into the White House. Lindell has been strong advocate of the idea

Africa: When the World Unites to End Violence Against Women

January 3, 2021
Violence against women and girls is a global human rights challenge which must be fought to a standstill, JOY YESUFU writes. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, emerging data and reports from those on the frontlines showed that all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, have escalated. The trend is described as

Go Wild on Iran, Just Don’t Risk ‘World War III’

December 1, 2020
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyPresident Donald Trump may only have seven weeks left in office, but he’s given his top advisers the green light to batter the Iranian regime—anything that doesn’t hazard a full-on war before Joe Biden is inaugurated.According to multiple U.S. officials familiar with the matter, in recent weeks Trump has taken

Sean Hannity Calls For A Do-Over In Pennsylvania As MAGA World Melts Down

November 6, 2020
In another sign that the MAGA world is melting down as the presidency slips away from Donald Trump, Sean Hannity called for a do-over of the election in Pennsylvania. “The only remedy I would see at that point is … a do-over in that state,” Hannity said with a straight face. “Something that has never

The World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove On Balancing Science, Public Relations and Politics

May 13, 2020
Maria Van Kerkhove had never held a World Health Organization (WHO) press briefing before January. Now, people in countries across the globe tune in almost daily to watch the American epidemiologist—along with WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Health Emergencies Programme Executive Director Dr. Mike Ryan—break down the latest updates in the ever-evolving COVID-19…

Inside The World of Interiors, Condé Nast’s Secret Weapon

December 15, 2019
The gold-standard shelter magazine runs on a brass-tacks budget and refuses to kowtow to the internet.Lord of the light box: Rupert Thomas, the editor in chief of The World of Interiors, at the magazine’s office in London.Credit...Tom Jamieson for The New York TimesPublished Dec. 4, 2019Updated Dec. 5, 2019LONDON — To be a magazine reader…