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Namibia: Online Store to Boost Influencer Culture

February 15, 2021
Local entrepreneur Adderley Williams wants to change the Namibian e-commerce industry and make Namibians more comfortable with shopping online. Williams and his team aim to change the e-commerce and influencer space by starting an online platform to empower businesses and social-media influencers. Thenga.com.na is a premium Namibian online store to be launched by the end

Democrats plan child care boost, as Cheney doubles down on Trump criticism

February 7, 2021
US president Joe Biden (AP)GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney has called on fellow party members to turn away from President Donald Trump, asserting that her party should “not be embracing the former president” after he incited violence at the US Capitol last month.Speaking with Fox News Sunday, Ms Cheney, the third highest-ranking Republican in the House,

Iran says it will boost uranium enrichment in its latest breach of nuclear agreement Trump trashed

January 2, 2021
Iranian officials continue to assert, as they have for decades, that their nuclear program is wholly peaceful, and the nation has no intention of building such weapons. U.S. and other Western intelligence experts say that until 2002, Iran was secretly working on nuclear weapons. Tehran has repeatedly denied this. After Trump left the agreement and reimposed