Owe Lunch Money? Don’t Plan on Going to Prom

November 2, 2019
Caroline Torres, right, and Lamar Robinson prepare after-school meals at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.Credit...Sarah Blesener for The New York TimesNov. 1, 2019Updated 11:08 a.m. ETA suburban New Jersey school system has wrestled for months with a problem common in other districts: an accumulating pile of student lunch debt.The policy in Cherry Hill…

Republicans unveil plan to repeal Obamacare

March 7, 2017
Move would cut again growth of Medicaid that occurred below Obama programmeRead Extra

In Historic Move, Obama Normalized Relations with Cuba

December 18, 2014
Obama Normalizes Relations with Cuba As far back as 2009, members of the Congressional Black Caucus had recommended that President Obama normalize relations between Cuba and the US and push for a lifting of the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. The CBC sent delegations to Havana to dialogue with Havana in pursuit of normalizing relations between

Ban the Box

August 8, 2014
Ban the Box Legislation   Ban the Box is a nationwide movement that supports legislation prohibiting employers from including questions about criminal records on job applications.  In New Jersey, the Opportunity to Compete Act, also know as “ban the box” has gained support from civil leaders and legislators. The purpose of the legislation is to ban

Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta

May 22, 2014
Questions and Answers Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta Differences and Similarity between Booker T’s ideas and Du Bois Ideas?Compare and contrast thier ideas. Posted by Chrisna S [display_name id=”1″]1989- Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois offered different strategies for dealing with the problems of poverty and discrimination faced by Black Americans at the end