26 thoughts on “Understanding the Ferguson Uprising in the Context of Mass Incarceration

  1. Technically, he was jaywalking while black. Crimes that would get a white
    person a warning get a black person killed.

  2. This is not about racism. This is about the purposed militarization of our
    police officers. Please, look into the reality of our growing police state.
    There is a recent story of a homeless unarmed white man being shot multiple
    times and killed by New Mexico police officers, though he was fully
    compliant. There is a story of a home being SWAT-teamed during a no-knock
    raid at the wrong address, and an officer threw a grenade into the crib of
    a white baby. I recently saw a video of an officer knocking over a white
    paraplegic in his wheelchair. White parents witnessed their peaceful son
    being shot and killed by cops after they called for help, because they
    feared he was suicidal and suffering from mental illness. Day upon day
    people’s dogs are getting shot by officers for NO reason. I could go on…
    Point is, this is not about race. This is about the militarization of our
    police departments. This country is turning into a police state. Please,
    get informed about that and spread the word. Continuing to talk about race
    is divisive and distracting. It’s keeping us from uniting against the real
    issue here – that will oppress all Americans, regardless of color.

  3. Day after day we see more and more examples of the United States struggle
    to become a civilised country. Okay it takes time to build a history,
    culture and civilisation but the daily acts of barbarism from this rogue
    nation are saddening to see. Maybe it’s time for the world’s civilised
    cultures and nations to step in, take control and help you on your way.

  4. 1:27 and 3:45 Just a thought: would it be possible to file a complaint
    against the overarching organization of police departments nationwide, at
    the International Criminal Court in The Hague? Applicable law: crime of

    Parts of the US population are the specific target of ongoing crimes of
    aggression, as conducted by the police, and insufficiently protected by the
    authorities. Rather: it concerns the very authorities itself, who are
    involved in what might as well be called ‘acts of terror’ against its own
    civilian population. Moreover, police violence against blacks is THE
    constant factor in black life. It is thus a human rights issue whereby
    specific parts of society are under constant attack by the authority
    itself. Given the fact that it is the US authority itself that is
    responsible for these acts of terror, the issue transcends the level of
    city, state, or even the nation. And thus also the search for justice,

  5. Mass incarceration isn’t just for black people… it’s for the poor (about
    half the US at this point).

  6. It’s sad to know that people have children without money or a good job to
    raise their children. Then when there raised in poverty it’s the white
    persons fault. I know many white families who want children, but cannot and
    know they cannot because they cannot afford it. Responsibility is KEY!

  7. There’s too much talk about skin color from lame-stream media. There’s
    really only two kinds of people in the world. There’s the freedom loving
    people with family values who believe in self-responsibility, individual
    integrity, and personal accountability. And then there’s the bastard
    children of Marxist whores who wish to be parasitic, ignore the rule of
    law, and be a burden on society.

  8. Niggers are defective farm equipment.. that’s what we get for freeing these

  9. I view the looting as a Un Conscious intinctional defence mechanism when a
    race feels mortally wounded it instinctively looks for a representation of
    getting it back by taking something from the system structure that rapes
    them in justice ie stores watch blacks it affects their sence of character
    they take something from them to feel a sense of regaining what was took

  10. The only other question I have being white about this. Was the Rodney King
    thing which was worked out in California. 53 people died in that riot and
    Rodney was beaten by 6 cops. After it was all over he was barely covered
    when he went to trial or how any of that even mattered. Rodney King said
    Can’t we all just get along. Why are we promoting Black and White like
    this……This is hatred. Can’t we all just get along.!!!! I noticed the
    wearing of the red. Which is also very touchy because there are certain
    domestic terrorist(gang) that wear red. (the bloods).

  11. Why has this certain death caused such a reaction when there are plenty of
    these kinds of murders going around without the cops being trialed.

  12. what all of you people don’t understand and are illiterate to is the FACT
    that this situation and others like it is what is called “RACE BAITING”
    used by your good ol American government… look it up in your local “Black
    Opps” Book…


  14. This is not a racial issue the damn piece of sh*t cops do the same crap to
    white people and shoot teenage white girls driving, and homeless white
    people, just the black people are the only ones SMART ENOUGH and ORGANIZED
    ENOUGH to START RIOTS and not let the murderer cops get away with their
    murders without any consequences. They are far better off to start riots
    than rely on the conscience of county prosecutors and police supervisors,
    and hopefully they will continue to do so until the murderers get charged.

  15. The riots and looting are cheap opportunism. The shooting is a completely
    separate incident, just like the cigar heist.

    You don’t protest by looting. The shop owners didn’t shoot anybody.

  16. @ 8:55 to 9:08 “no one should be given the benefit of doubt…” in any
    scenario… Why? Imagine a manufacturing department with an inspector
    doing quality control but he/she is making the whole thing.

    Now, imagine a murderer hiding in a uniform or office doing his own
    investigation on him/herself with a veiled venier who a
    fraterity/gang(yes… there are hidden gangs in all agencies…/FACT/it is
    necessary to get into the gang in order to be in…).

  17. The mother said, ” do you know how many black men graduate?” Well, I wonder
    why that is? I have an idea, how about making them pull their pants up,
    come home after school and study, go to bed at a decent time, wake up on
    time and get to school!

  18. EXPOSE POLICE. I’ve seen online footage of videos on cell phones… it is not
    what they are protraying in the news AT ALL. they make it look peaceful. It
    is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!!!! THIS IS WAR. like the videos were so
    disturbing. All you seen was fire. They are using tear gas on people,
    shooting innocents, on and on and on and its happening RIGHT NOW. Go on
    instagram and search. #ferguson or #mediablackout if you want the TRUTH not
    this b.s. And its not fair that they aren’t documenting the truth because
    they don’t want to make white people look bad. But I WILL DOCUMENT THE

  19. This is not a black / white issue. Black cops are killing black people.
    White cops are killing white people. Cops tend to treat law abiding
    citizens as they would treat known criminals. When a cop pulls you over
    for a minor traffic violation, they use it as a pretext to “check you out”
    and will hold you indefinitely while they do a computer background check.
    I used to respect police officers. Now I am conditioned to fear and loath
    them. Now I see them as my enemy; not as a “servants of the people” but as

  20. Missouri Midwest: “The Bible Belt of USA” “Thou shall not kill”. It all
    depends on the color of your skin, on the money on your coffer, and your
    political affiliation. Cop’s happy triggers, are trained on the job, and
    fr. indoctrinating media, to shoot on those who have a similar profile like
    this poor youth. 

  21. what we have to do is train the police not to react differently when they
    go into any neighborhood, teach them that disobeying their orders are not
    an affront to their to their egos. And take away their blue line that
    hides bad police procedures from the public. And instead of what they used
    to do of defusing the situation to stop their escalation of the situation
    that they seem to do now.

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