The Black Power and Black Arts Movement: An Inseparable Connection

This project interrogates the interrelationships between the functional and ideological similarities between the Black Art aesthetic and the Conceptualization of Black Power doing the 70’s. More than a mere production of visual symbology or pictorial aside, this movie illustrates the necessity of art in reconfiguring and re-representing the concepts of self determination necessary for realizing BLACK POWER. Thusly, it is my contention that the BLACK art and Black power are not separated but rater inseparably connected.

14 thoughts on “The Black Power and Black Arts Movement: An Inseparable Connection

  1. This was an ambitious attempt, however there are numerous flaws. – James
    Phillips, Africobra member

  2. thank you. Keep the fiya burnin’. revolution must be obtained through
    educating / re-educating our youth through a different gaze, on the worlds
    outside the Eurocentric oppressive paradigm….

  3. @SavannahApril Thanks for the constructive criticism- Im by no means an
    artist much more of a cultural theorist. This project however, as part of a
    class assigment. help me understand the importance of art as a
    revolutionary discourse and political strategy! Thanks again and your
    efforts are greatly appreciated!

  4. What’s your name? Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your
    history?… Blacks? African Americans? Persons of Color? Colored? Negro?

  5. Education is the key to revolutionizing the consciousness. As we have
    witnessed in the past revolutionary movements, it is essential that we
    learn from them and approach this battle with Educating ourselves then
    educating our youth so they can continue the legacy of resistance against
    systematic racial oppression, degradation and mental enslavement. We are
    fighting for unbiased justice, human equality and cultural agency which is
    innately a human right. Justice, then peace~

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