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Joe Biden “Is No Longer Worthy of the Black Vote”

August 8, 2020
Donald Trump continued his criticism of Joe Biden on Friday following the former Vice President’s remarks about diversity in the African American community. The President has repeatedly tried to frame Biden’s comments as evidence that he does not deserve votes from Black Americans. He made the claim again on Twitter. “After yesterday’s statement, Sleepy Joe

American Women Won the Right to Vote After the Suffrage Movement Became More Diverse. That’s No Coincidence

February 22, 2020
When the woman suffrage movement first began in the mid-19th century, its champions had all become human-rights activists in the searing fires of the abolitionist movement. In 1838, Angelina Grimké, renegade daughter of South Carolina slave owners, laid down the basics of women’s rights, in her book, Letters to Catherine Beecher: “Whatever it is morally…