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Africa: Covid-19 – Why Critically Ill Patients in Africa Are Taking a Bigger Hit

May 22, 2021
In March 2020, those of us living on the African continent were terrified about what would happen. We had watched Wuhan and then Italy get overrun by Covid-19. These were environments far more resourced than Africa . We knew that we had a limited healthcare workforce. And we have estimated that there was about one

Africa: How Podcasting Is Taking Africa By Storm

May 8, 2021
Josephine Karianjahi is an international development consultant and podcaster from Nairobi, Kenya. As the Co-Director of Africa Podfest and host of the ‘This I Can Do’ podcast, Ms. Karianjahi fosters social change through collaboration and inclusivity in podcasting. In this article, she details the mission of Africa Podfest and the challenges facing African podcasters: The

Afghan woman left blind after attack for taking job as cop

November 10, 2020
An Afghan woman’s father was so opposed to her landing a job with the police that he tipped off a group of savages who shot her and stabbed her in the eyes, according to a report. “I asked the doctors why I can’t see anything? They told me that my eyes are still bandaged because

Republicans Are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic to Suppress the Vote

August 26, 2020
Kamala Harris has blasted Republicans for trying to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic to suppress the vote in November’s elections. The Democratic senator has called out Donald Trump’s own double standard on mail-in ballots. The vice presidential candidate wrote an op-ed in Wednesday’s Washington Post marking the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave some