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McCabe admits he wouldn’t have signed off on Carter Page warrant

November 10, 2020
WASHINGTON — Former deputy FBI chief Andrew McCabe was grilled by lawmakers on Tuesday who leveled charges that the agency had “gone rogue” in the origins of the Russia probe into President Trump’s campaign. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) hammered the former deputy FBI director over the agency’s failure to act when the CIA

3 of the 4 ‘executive orders’ Trump signed weren’t actually executive orders

August 9, 2020
Trump, of course, is his most stunning when he’s off-book, and not in the “my eldest daughter is stunning” kind of way. Sure, the scripts that Trump’s handlers and yes-people write for him are not heralded for excellence in speechwriting, but there’s nothing like the rambling we hear when the gold-plated Republican is given a chance to freestyle.