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Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville drops the ball on basic facts

November 14, 2020
It’s a good thing he wasn’t a civics coach. Alabama Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville — a former Auburn University football coach — committed a series of major fumbles while discussing American government and history with a local newspaper. The Republican misidentified the three branches of government when asked by the Alabama Daily News if Democrats and

Senator Ron Johnson Says Democrats “Ignore Reality” When They Focus on Russia’s Election Interference

October 28, 2020
Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), in an op-ed for Fox News, claimed Democrats “ignore reality” when they focus on Russian interference in American elections. “Ever since the Democratic National Committee server was hacked during the 2016 election campaign, ‘Russian disinformation and interference’ has been the shiny object that Democrats and the mainstream media have used to bamboozle the