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Africa: A Year Without Precedent – WHO’s Covid-19 Response

December 25, 2020
Taking stock of all that’s been achieved – and the partnerships working to end the pandemic. It was the scenario the public health community had feared for decades. A dangerous virus emerges. It spreads rapidly around the world. COVID-19 infects people when they come together, but coming together is also how we will beat it.

Boy, 12, arrested for prank 911 call that led to SWAT response

November 19, 2020
A 12-year-old boy in California was arrested Tuesday for an alleged prank phone call to police about a fake shooting that led to a SWAT response, a report said. The boy claimed that his mother shot his father and was hiding, with the gun, inside a bathroom, The Press Democrat reported, citing police. Police responded

Biden Pushes a Jobs Plan and Tears Into Trump’s Covid Response in Michigan

September 10, 2020
WARREN, Mich. — Joseph R. Biden Jr. tore into President Trump on Wednesday over new revelations from a forthcoming book by the journalist Bob Woodward that the president knowingly minimized the risks of the coronavirus, arguing that Mr. Trump had lied to the American public and put lives in danger.Mr. Biden’s remarks came as part

Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis—and the right-wing response to it—highlight the power of his legacy

August 7, 2020
At Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on July 30, Obama spoke in terms that broadly reflect a quarter century of his public commentary on our country and its history of grappling with injustice. He has consistently praised the successes and progress won on civil rights and racial justice while also—as he did in January 2008 for

Barr Defends Protest Response and Criticizes Russia Inquiry Ahead of Testimony

July 28, 2020
WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr defended the federal response to the protests and unrest around the nation in recent weeks, declaring in comments released late Monday that the rule of law must be upheld as “violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests to wreak senseless havoc and destruction” in places like Portland,