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Rachel Maddow Unloads On GOP Senators For Inventing New Standards For Biden’s Cabinet Picks

February 24, 2021
During her program on Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow ripped into the Republican double standard being used to evaluate Joe Biden‘s Cabinet picks. Maddow blasted Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Richard Burr (R-NC), in particular, for inventing new requirements for Cabinet nominees, simply because it is now a Democratic president making the nominations.“So Senator Cruz is

Rachel Maddow Warns American Democracy May Not Survive A Second Trump Term

October 20, 2020
During her program on Monday night, Rachel Maddow said that it only took Donald Trump and a complicit Republican Party four years to push American democracy to the brink of collapse. Over the next 15 days, the MSNBC host said, the American people will have to decide if they want the country to remain in

Rachel Maddow Declares Trump’s NBC News Town Hall A Catastrophe

October 16, 2020
With just over two weeks until votes are counted, Donald Trump needed to show up at Thursday night’s town hall event and do something to peel voters away from Joe Biden. Unfortunately for his struggling campaign, Trump may have done just the opposite. As Rachel Maddow said following the president’s town hall, “I know why the

Rachel Maddow Warns That Russia’s Election Attacks Are Worse Than 2016

September 11, 2020
Rachel Maddow sounded the alarm about Russian involvement in this year’s presidential election, warning that the attacks could be worse than four years ago, particularly since the Trump administration is in charge. “Here we go again, right?” the MSNBC host said. “And this time, instead of the Obama administration being in charge … it’s the

Trump’s convention speech make you feel crazy? Rachel Maddow’s fact-check will restore your sanity

August 28, 2020
I think it might be helpful if I just did like a real, real quick speed-read auctioneer fact-check, just on some of the top lines so we can clear those out of the way. This was more than an hour-long speech by the president. We think this is the second-longest acceptance speech ever given by

Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Will Only Become More Desperate And Dangerous As Election Nears

August 11, 2020
Rachel Maddow warned on Monday that as the country falls further into crisis, Donald Trump will only become more desperate and dangerous – particularly with the presidential election less than 90 days away. During her program, the MSNBC host said the worsening pandemic, the economic disaster, and Trump’s sinking poll numbers will motivate him to

Rachel Maddow Tells The Corrupt NRA That Not Even Trump Can Save It

August 7, 2020
Donald Trump offered some thoughts on how the corrupt National Rifle Association (NRA) can remain in business after the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit against the organization on Thursday, but Rachel Maddow said not even the president will be able to save it. “The president said today publicly that the NRA should reconstitute

Rachel Maddow Praises Biden For Demonstrating How A Real Commander In Chief Stands Up To Russia

July 21, 2020
Rachel Maddow praised former Vice President Joe Biden’s tough stand against Russia on Monday, saying it’s a sign that if the former VP wins in November, the United States will again have a president who holds foreign adversaries accountable.“Dream of competent, uncompromised governance that stands up for our sovereignty against foreign countries that are trying

Rachel Maddow Says New York Prosecutors Could Fast-Track Trump Tax Return Subpoena

July 10, 2020
Rachel Maddow said on Thursday night that she isn’t completely convinced that the subpoena over Donald Trump’s tax returns will have to wait until after the election to be resolved, as many legal and political experts have concluded. According to the MSNBC host, it’s possible for investigators to fast-track the process, which opens up the