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Africa: Dams and the Technology-Development Nexus – the Case of the GERD

June 6, 2021
The business of national economic development is always multi-faceted with blurry lines, with politics, economics, technology and ecology interacting all the time. There is a peculiar additional complexity when we deal with strategic national resources such as water. This complexity is amplified when there are other stakeholders to the same resource but outside the national

Politics & Poetry, a new podcast about the nexus of politics and poetry has launched

January 6, 2021
Politics and Poetry Logo “Our mission is to uncover the power unleashed in the synergy of politics and poetry.” Lexi Hunter, Co-Host, Politics and Poetry. ATLANTA (PRWEB) January 05, 2021 First-time producers, Lisa Campbell, Ron Campbell, Lexi Hunter, and Haley Lunski are thrilled to announce the launch of the premier episode of Politics &