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“Our mission is to uncover the power unleashed in the synergy of politics and poetry.” Lexi Hunter, Co-Host, Politics and Poetry.

January 05, 2021
First-time producers, Lisa Campbell, Ron Campbell, Lexi Hunter, and Haley Lunski are thrilled to announce the launch of the premier episode of Politics & Poetry, a new podcast about the power of poetry to engage us in political conversations.
Join three generations of political activists and poetry lovers as they read and share a curated collection of ideas written by critics, reporters, authors, poets, historians and politicians to spur thoughtful discussion about the ways that poets and politicians use voice, rhyme, rhythm, meter, verse and alliteration to capture our interest and spark change.
Politics & Poetry, the podcast, seeks to uncover the power unleashed in the synergy of politics and poetry. By exploring human emotions through lyrics and verse, the goal of Politics & Poetry is to help renew society’s commitment to political involvement and rekindle a common language to communicate more deeply with each other. Each episode will be approximately 30-minutes and will include conversations with poets, politicians and people who give a damn!
The idea behind the show was started during Lisa Campbell’s recent run for Georgia House of Representatives, District 35. The campaign team wanted to keep the political conversation going and saw an opportunity to share a positive message of activism.
The creative production team includes:
Lisa Campbell, co-host, is a 30-year brand and digital strategist, political activist, candidate, and poetry fan; leaning forward, opting in, persisting onward and working for equality.
Ron Campbell, co-host, is a 50-year healthcare administrator and business financial consultant; public health advocate and cheerleader for the next generation of politicians, poets, family, and friends.
Lexi Hunter, co-host, is an artist, feminist, political activist, singer/songwriter, and musician with a passion for intellectual conversation. She is also the composer of all the music and our theme song, “Take Flight.”
Haley Lunski, senior producer, is a writer, teacher, leader and advocate for inclusion with a passion for education and community engagement.
Laurie Campbell Pannell, contributor, is an artist and writer with 30 years of experience in brand direction.
Stacy Cantrell, contributor, is a dog rescuee, a techie lover, prone to rabbit holes, and an admirer of cooks and music conductors.
Lexi Hunter, co-host, Politics & Poetry, shares, “Our mission is to uncover the power unleashed in the synergy of politics and poetry. We hope that by exploring human emotions, through lyrics and verse, this might help renew our commitment to political involvement, and rekindle a common language to communicate more deeply with one another.”
“From current activists and politicians like Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Jen Jordan, and Jimmy Carter, to poets like Emily Dickinson, Seamus Heaney, Mary Oliver, and Naomi Shihab Nye, we’ll be exploring the connection between individuals who share a passion for the written word and political action,” states Lisa Campbell, co-host, Politics & Poetry.
“Join us as we spark conversations and thoughts about politics and poetry while amplifying the lyrics, the words, the passion, and the people who create them. Balance political discourse with an energetic look at the interplay between the moments of poetry in our activism, our legislation, our political movements and our lives. Subscribe on Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts,” shares Ron Campbell, co-host, Politics &Poetry.
About Politics & Poetry: Politics & Poetry is a new podcast about the intersection of written political words and civic engagement. Join three generations of political activists for a spirited discussion about the influence, importance and interaction between poets, politicians and people. Listen and join the conversation: https://www.politicsandpoetry.org/

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