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South Africa: Plan to Protect Sharks Needs an Urgent Update

June 6, 2021
When great white sharks disappeared from two well-known congregation areas on South Africa’s coast recently, the possible reasons were hotly debated. The appearance of a pair of shark-eating killer whales in the area was one. Another was the decline in numbers of smaller shark species that great whites prey on. Coupled with this was the

Africa: G7 Leaders Know What Needs to Be Done to Prevent Famines, but Will They Act?

May 6, 2021
Today’s G7 meeting is a potential gamechanger for preventing famine in crisis countries if world powers step up There is no shortage of food in the world today, yet hunger levels are rising. While global food production increases, hunger afflicts more people now than at any time since 2015, when governments around the world agreed

Democracy Needs to Find the Will to Roar – BillMoyers.com

January 1, 2021
And so, we are at the end of a year that has brought a presidential impeachment trial, a deadly pandemic that has killed more than 338,000 of us, a huge social movement for racial justice, a presidential election, and a president who has refused to accept the results of that election and is now trying