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Immigrants & Problem History of Citizenship Day

October 22, 2021
During his first Citizenship Day speech on Sept. 17, 1952, President Truman warmly greeted the immigrants attending the annual meeting of the National Conference on Citizenship in Washington, D.C. Later that day, they would take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony, shedding their status as immigrants to become U.S. citizens. In commemoration of…

Malawi: Asians Aggrieved With ‘Extreme Aggression’ By Immigration Dept.

May 21, 2021
Asian Association of Maravi (AAM) have been greatly aggrieved by “extremely aggressive” invasion by Immigration Department made at Area 2 in Lilongwe on the night of May 9, which the officials had explained was a door-to-door sweep to capture illegal immigrants. A statement, addressed to no one in particular — dated May 13 issued by

Biden plans sweeping change of Trump’s immigration agenda: report

November 12, 2020
Joe Biden is planning a major overhaul of President Trump’s immigration agenda, reversing his Muslim travel ban and freezing deportations for 100 days, according to a new report. The incoming Biden administration is bullish about its ability to undo many of Trump’s signature immigration policies because so many were created with executive action, one source

Trump’s Hard-Line Immigration Policies Go Before Voters

October 30, 2020
McALLEN, Texas — The leadership of the Department of Homeland Security gathered on Thursday under the shadow of 30-foot, black-painted, steel bollards to promote the near completion of 400 miles of President Trump’s border wall.The politics of the moment, five days before the election, was lost on no one.“The only reason we haven’t reached another