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More polluted areas have higher spread of COVID-19, study says

November 14, 2020
COVID-19 spreads at higher rates in regions in the U.S. where people are exposed to the worst pollution, a new study says. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis found that the quality of the environment appears to be a strong indicator that cases will increase more quickly in a region, according to a report

Harris shattered a glass ceiling, but she’ll still be held to a higher standard

November 8, 2020
When Barack Obama was in the White House, many on both the left and the right cited the first Black president as proof that the nation had progressed significantly on racial issues. But that notion was washed away by the election of Trump, which showed that Obama’s presidency had been an aberration, not evidence of

Women With Access to Higher Education Changed America—But Now They’re Bearing the Brunt of the Student Debt Crisis

April 4, 2020
Higher education policy has taken center stage in the 2020 Democratic Presidential primary, with candidates proposing big ideas including free college and student debt cancellation. Candidates’ focus on this issue stems from a very real change in the experience of paying for college. One in five U.S. households was burdened by student loan debt, as…

The Democrats Are in Georgia. The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher.

November 21, 2019
The state’s demographics have been favorable to turn it blue, but destiny is shaped by history, too. By Joseph CrespinoMr. Crespino is a history professor at Emory University.Nov. 20, 2019Voters last year in Atlanta.Credit...Jessica Mcgowan/Getty ImagesWith tonight’s presidential primary debate, Georgia Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief. Finally, they are saying, the national party…