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Who won the final presidential debate? Experts grade Trump-Biden

October 23, 2020
President Trump posted a sharper and calmer performance during his final debate against former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night, but it was unclear if his better showing was enough to alter the shape of the race in its closing days, a Post panel of debate experts said. Four experts examined the 90-minute forum

‘Ms. Jacobs! Is that you?!’ AOC’s Twitter reunion with her second-grade teacher is whole tear-fest

August 14, 2020
xYou’ve got this.Remember all those poems we recited together in 2nd grade?It was prep for this moment.You’ve got this.💕— mjacobs (@mjacobs324) August 12, 2020 It made the educator’s day when the progressive New York legislator responded. Jacobs tweeted: “One of my lowest days this summer, worried about my teaching future. And then this:” ”Ms. Jacobs!