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Tammy Duckworth Is Nothing and Everything Like Joe Biden

August 2, 2020
They have been married since 1993. Mr. Bowlsbey now works as an information technology consultant.Though Ms. Duckworth moved to Illinois to pursue a doctorate, she went through flight school and entered the Illinois National Guard in 1996.Before her deployment eight years later, Ms. Duckworth had been working at Rotary International, helping to manage offices in

Tammy Duckworth Confronts Nativist Smears From Tucker Carlson

July 8, 2020
Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a Thai-American Democrat who lost both of her legs fighting in the Iraq war and is now a potential vice-presidential nominee, was targeted with nativist smears for the second night in a row on Tuesday by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.Mr. Carlson, whose broadsides have been amplified on Twitter by President