Susan Rice Makes Fundraising Appeal for Biden, Fueling Running Mate Speculation

Susan Rice made an appeal for donations to the Biden campaign on Monday and immediately started new speculation about her chances of winning the Democratic VP slot.
The former U.N. Ambassador‘s photo appeared at the top of a fundraising email with a message urging supporters to chip in and help beat President Donald Trump.
This seems to be the first time Rice has featured in the campaign in this way.

“I’m fed up with Donald Trump turning our government into a reality TV show, and weakening our democratic institutions at every turn,” Rice writes in the email.

Testing the Susan Rice open and give rate
— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) July 27, 2020

“Look, we are in a moment where our democracy is at stake. Our leadership role in the world is at stake. The lives of tens of thousands of Americans are on the line.”
“It’s all been lost to incompetence and callous leadership that could care less. We’ve got to change that,” the email says.
“I know we can fix the mess that Donald Trump has created in these four years, but it will take someone with the patriotism, grit, determination, and the experience to get things done, and we all know that’s exactly who Joe Biden is.”

The email fueled immediate speculation among journalists and other social media users about Rice’s chances at the vice presidential nomination. She’s already been mentioned as a possible choice.
Former Vice President Joe Biden has said he will choose a woman to join him on the Democratic ticket and discussion about just who that might be continues to be fraught.
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