“It could be only reasonable to the reader to claim frankly in improve that the perspective of any adult towards this story can be…

“It could be only reasonable to the reader to claim frankly in strengthen that the angle of any grownup towards this story could be rather influenced with the aid of his theories of the Negro race. If he believes that the Negro In The US and in widely wide-spread is a typical and standard person, who below given ambiance develops like different human beings, then he will study this story and decide it with the aid of the records adduced. If, however, he regards the Negro as a rather inferior introduction, who can never effectively take half in up to date civilization and whose emancipation and enfranchisement have been gestures in opposition t nature, then he’ll want something greater than the form of records that I actually have set down. But this latter grownup, I am not making an attempt to persuade. I am quite simply mentioning these two features of view, so glaring to American citizens, and then without additional ado, I am assuming the reality of the primary. In best, I am going to inform this story as notwithstanding Negroes were standard human beings, realizing that this angle will from the first severely curtail my viewers.”


from the introduction of “Black Reconstruction,” 

Atlanta, December, 1934

Racists bought read.

And it’s nevertheless true nowadays.

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