Biden Calls Trump A Tax-Dodging Con Artist In Podium-Pounding Smackdown in Pennsylvania

Former Vice President Joe Biden brought the fire to Pennsylvania on Saturday, blasting Donald Trump for his secret Chinese bank account and urging voters in the state not to fall for the Trump con again.
“[Trump] paid 50 times more in taxes in Beijing than he’s paid in America!” Biden said during his podium-pounding speech in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. “He is the only president who’s making money from foreign sources.”
“Folks, give me a break!” the Democratic nominee added. “This guy’s not on the level.”


‘Folks, give me a break!’: Joe Biden bringing the fire with 10 days to go, pounding the podium and telling Pennsylvania not to let Donald Trump con them again.
— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) October 24, 2020

Biden said:
I’ve dealt with guys like trump my whole life. So have many of you. Guys who look down on you because they have a lot of money. Guys who inherited everything! Got everything in their life given to them, and then managed to squander it. Guys who avoid paying their taxes, he says, because he’s smart. He knows how to game the system. Isn’t that just the guy you want setting tax policy? The guy who says he’s smart to game the system, so you don’t get the help you need. You pay more taxes. Because they figure the rest of us, the little people, we can pick up the tab. Now we find out Trump has a secret bank account in China. Oh, guess what? He’s paid 50 times more in taxes in Beijing than he’s paid in America! That’s a fact. He has hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, over $400 million, due in the next few years. Who’s he owe it to? Where’s it coming from? He is the only president who’s making money from foreign sources. Folks, give me a break! This guy’s not on the level. He thinks Wall Street built this country. But you and I know who really built this country. Families like mine, working people build it. The middle class. And unions built the middle class! Folks, we’re so much better than this!
Joe Biden goes for the jugular
With just 10 days to go until ballots are counted, Joe Biden is going for the jugular by doubling down on an economic message that will appeal to voters in the midwest.
The Democratic nominee knows that shutting Trump down in the Rust Belt – all while Republicans try to save states like Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona – is his best bet to deny the president a second term in the White House.

So far, that strategy seems to be working for Biden as he holds stable leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
If Biden can hold all of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 states and just add those three midwestern battlegrounds to his column, Trump will be a one term president.
With just over a week to go, Joe Biden’s fiery speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday shows he plans to sprint through the finish line.
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