Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Just Torched Sen. Ron Johnson For His Racism

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes (D) said that Sen. Ron Johnson wants credit for his racism and that Republicans can’t win without racism.


Wisconsin Lt. Gov. @TheOtherMandela said on CNN that Sen. Ron Johnson wants credit for his racism, and the Lt. Gov. spoke the blunt truth when he told CNN that Republicans can’t win elections without racism. pic.twitter.com/6DrBanoaw6
— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 15, 2021

Lt. Gov. Barnes said on CNN:
Maybe we should give the guy credit for saying the racist part out loud. He’s certainly done more than many of his colleagues have done in terms of being bold in that way. But the fact is senator Johnson represents a culture that inherently sees black people as a threat even though there’s an officer that lost his life, there was a threat to hang Vice President Mike Pence, and maybe he wasn’t afraid because effectively Ron Johnson was a marshal of the insurrection calling into doubt or calling into question the election results.
He is becoming just a relic of the Trump era. And the more — as you said the more he talks, the more he makes it into the news because he gets more ridiculous by the day, but I’m not surprised by any of these things. I think he wants a reward for his racism because, as we know, Donald Trump has gained in popularity because of racism. And people aren’t — Republicans aren’t winning elections without racism these days across the United States of America. Ron Johnson is just trying to hold on. Racism is Tucker Carlson is popular on Fox News. Racism is behind the Republican push to deny voting rights to African-Americans in 42 states. Ron Johnson is running the Trump playbook. He’s just really bad at it.
Republicans have decided against being a party of ideas and inclusion. They are the party of fear-based white privilege racism. Lt. Gov. Barnes was correct. They can’t win without racism, and Trump white power relics like Ron Johnson have no place in the Senate.
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