Trump hails ‘victory’ in Nevada after board tosses local election results

President Trump on Monday celebrated what he called a “Big victory” in Nevada after Clark County commissioners declined to certify the election results for a county commission race — though the decision does not directly impact the presidential election results, which commissioners certified.
“Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!” Trump tweeted.
The Clark County Commission, which governs the Las Vegas area, certified the results of the Nov. 3 election with the exception of county commissioner for District C, which was divided by 10 votes.
District C voters split 76,586 for Democrat Ross Miller and 76,576 for Republican Stavros Anthony, KLAS-TV reports. Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria told commissioners, “We have found discrepancies that we can’t explain that would cast a doubt on whether or not that margin of victory is solid.”
Gloria said there were 139 discrepancies in District C, including six people who voted twice, according to local reporters who covered the Monday certification hearing.
The county commissioners asked Gloria to report back on options to re-run the single local election. He said that only that race needed to be repeated because “that’s the only race in the entire election we have any concern related to the outcome. And it’s because of the margin,” reported Megan Messerly of the Nevada Independent.
Trump lost the state to Democrat Joe Biden by 33,596 votes according to the Associated Press. Clark County is the state’s most populous, with about 70 percent of votes in the presidential race. County commissioners on Monday certified that Biden received 521,852 votes and Trump got 430,930.
It’s unclear if Trump’s campaign will seek to challenge the presidential results in Nevada citing the commission decision on the District C race.
Trump has not conceded to Biden and argues he can still win a second term through recounts and litigation in swing states including Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. The recount in Georgia on Monday turned up 2,600 uncounted ballots in Floyd County that narrowed by about 800 votes what had been Biden’s 14,000-vote advantage.

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