The Best Looking, Most Influential and Loathed People of 2020, According to Ranker Voters

Since 2018, at least five Kardashians have been in the Top 10 of the list Celebrities You’re Most Sick Of. Also, Ranker voters had Jake Paul at #1 even before his fight versus Nate Robinson in the Tyson v. Jones Jr. Pay-Per-View event.

December 02, 2020
Ranker, known as the world’s leading publisher for fan-powered rankings on just about everything with over one billion votes, has announced how its voters ranked the most beautiful, most loathed and most influential people of 2020. Instead of the opinion of just one TMZ critic or the siloed judgement of a supermarket celebrity rag, Ranker harnesses the wisdom of the crowd and the opinions of millions of super fans to be far more accurate.
This year has been one for the books. But even in a pandemic, it’s still a good time to reflect upon the best looking men and women to walk the Earth. These celebrities have what the quarantined masses wanted in 2020. Of course, there are different types of attractive, and not everyone will suit your fancy.
Here’s what voters on Ranker said about people in 2020. Note: These are the rankings at the time of this release and are subject to change with continued voting.
The reigning champ for 2018, 2019 and now for 2020, Chris Hemsworth continues his mighty hold of #1 on the list The Hottest Men of 2020. His brother Liam and the K-Pop singer “V” both remain in the top 5 from 2019, while Tom Holland moves outside the top ranks.
Top 5 Hottest Men of 2020:
– 1. Chris Hemsworth
– 2. Kim Taehyung – “V”
– 3. Harry Styles
– 4. Chris Evans
– 5. Liam Hemsworth
From classic beauties to drop dead gorgeous models, 1.2 Million votes have been cast on the list The Most Beautiful Women of 2020 featuring the most stunning celebrity women of the year. Gal Gadot falls from #1 in 2019 to the #5 spot, making way for Johansson and Robbie. Voters made their voices heard for Jennifer Lawrence and newcomer Alexandra Daddario, while Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis of last year’s top 5 dropped considerably.
Top 5 Most Beautiful Women of 2020:
– 1. Scarlett Johansson
– 2. Margot Robbie
– 3. Jennifer Lawrence
– 4. Gal Gadot
– 5. Alexandra Daddario
Who was The Most Influential Person of 2020? That’s an unexpectedly complicated question for an unexpectedly complicated year – and Ranker voting is still out on the topic. In fact, this is such a volatile subject where anything can happen as 2020 isn’t technically over yet. Who will step up and save the year? Here’s what Ranker voting shows as of today:
Top 10 Most Influential People of 2020:
– 1. Anthony Fauci
– 2. Joe Biden
– 3. Kamala Harris
– 4. Tom Hanks
– 5. Stacey Abrams
– 6. Barack Obama
– 7. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
– 8. Michelle Obama
– 9. Elon Musk
– 10. Donald Trump
Donald Trump started 2020 at a respectable #31 on the list Celebrities You’re Sick Of In 2020. But as the COVID-19 pandemic dragged on, America’s sympathy for Trump decreased. By September, he’d reached his current rank of #12. It seems that the results of this list are consistent with those of the November election.
Fun facts: Since 2018, at least five Kardashians have been in the Top 10 on this list. Also, Ranker voters had Jake Paul at #1 even before his fight versus Nate Robinson in this past weekend’s Tyson v. Jones Jr. Pay-Per-View event.
Top 10 Celebrities You’re Sick Of In 2020:
– 1. Jake Paul
– 2. Perez Hilton
– 3. Jeffree Star
– 4. Kris Jenner
– 5. Kylie Jenner
– 6. Kim Kardashian
– 7. Kanye West
– 8. Tana Mongeau
– 9. Khloe Kardashian
– 10. Kourtney Kardashian
– …
– 12. Donald Trump
To find out more on all things 2020, please visit Ranker’s 2020 channel.
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