The Beastie Boys Ad License A Song For The First Time Ever To Support Joe Biden

The Beastie Boys granted their first-ever ad song license for an ad, and it was to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Variety reported:
The Beastie Boys had never before licensed any of their songs for an advertisement, but that commercial blackout came to an end during Sunday’s Steelers/Browns game when the sounds of “Sabotage” accompanied a spot for the Joe Biden presidential campaign.

A Biden campaign spokesperson said the Beastie Boys, who had “never licensed music for an ad until now,” agreed to the use of “Sabotage” in the spot “because of the importance of the election.”
Here is the ad:

The Beastie Boys don’t pimp out their music to sell cars or fast food, but this election is so important that they are allowing Joe Biden to use one of their most iconic songs to reach voters in two critical swing states.

Airing the ad during the Browns/Steelers game was an excellent strategy. The Steelers are a religion in Western Pennsylvania, and the Steelers/Browns rivalry had a boost in the arm coming into the game with both teams a combined 8-1 on the season.
As Donald Trump is unable to compete on TV, Joe Biden is getting an assist from The Beastie Boys, you can also hear the classic Cannonball from The Breeders as well, to appeal to voters in two critical swing states with election day a couple of weeks away.
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