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Africa: Where ‘Charities’ May Harm

February 14, 2021
U.S. President Joseph Biden’s pledge to implement a policy of cooperation with other countries, while supporting human rights and democracy, was widely welcomed as a needed return to international collaboration. The proclamation by the new US Administration is in sharp contrast with the less obvious – but equally powerful phenomenon – the influence private donors

South Africa: Vaccine Rollout – Here Is Where South Africa Stands

December 21, 2020
Johnson & Johnson is trying to get approval for a vaccine against Covid-19 that only requires one shot. Details of the vaccine’s trial are expected to be released in January. Only a massive global rollout of an effective vaccine can end the Covid-19 pandemic in the short term. The vaccine is being rolled out in

A majority of Supreme Court now confirmed by senates where GOP represented fewer Americans than Dems

October 27, 2020
With this ill-won majority of radicals, the Supreme Court is poised to gut the rule of law, render the Voting Rights Act a dead letter, and give a green light to GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts, all so that Republicans can permanently entrench minority rule at every level of government. Donald Trump himself has

Where Trump’s Acquittal Fits Into the History of Impeachment, According to Historians

March 6, 2020
On Wednesday, the Senate ended President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial with a result that was momentous, if not surprising: with their vote not to convict him and remove him from office, he became only the third President in American history to reach that point. Trump was acquitted on charges of abuse of power and obstruction…

14,000 Lives: ‘Rare Case Where Racial Biases’ Protected Blacks

December 6, 2019
The New health CareFewer opioid prescriptions meant fewer deaths (possibly 14,000), but the episode also reveals how prevalent and harmful stereotypes can be, even if implicit.Published Nov. 25, 2019Updated Dec. 2, 2019When the opioid crisis began to escalate some 20 years ago, many African-Americans had a layer of protection against it.But that protection didn’t come…

Children of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless of Where They Come From

November 17, 2019
The Upshot|Children of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless of Where They Come FromA pattern that has persisted for a century: They tend to outperform children of similarly poor native-born Americans. Oct. 28, 2019ImageImmigrants waiting to be transferred, Ellis Island, Oct. 30, 1912.Credit...Library of CongressImmigration to the United States has consistently offered a route to escape poverty…