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Africa: ‘African Leaders Are Not Thinking Right’ – Thomas Mapfumo

December 23, 2020
Zimbabwean music maestro Thomas Mapfumo channeled his revolutionary rasp and talked tough about Africa at the third edition of African Crossroads. The Chimurenga music legend was the headline performer and guest of honour at the event which was screened from seven hubs on December 10 and 11. His prerecorded set included liberation-era songs while his

Trump’s ‘wishful thinking’ on coronavirus pushes key GOP voters in Midwest to Biden

October 27, 2020
“There is still too much wishful thinking and not enough clear guidance,” said Loiacono, who lives in a heavily blue-collar area just blocks from Lake Winnebago. In 2016, Trump flipped Winnebago County from blue to red, but now it’s among the top 10 counties in the Badger State where new COVID-19 infections are flaring, according

Trump’s Either/Or Thinking Reveals His, GOP’s Deadly View of “Economic Success”

October 25, 2020
Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues have demonstrated a dangerous habit of thought when it comes to seeking solutions to the most urgent and life-threatening problems facing Americans and the nation as a whole. What is that habit of thought? They tend to think in stark and narrow either/or terms when it comes to devising