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Hypocrite Kayleigh McEnany Says Biden Shouldn’t Have Weighed in on Chauvin Trial

April 21, 2021
Donald Trump has never been shy about opining on pretty much any subject. It’s part of what made him relevant in the days before he ended politics. In addition to his claims about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, he also weighed in on things like the break-up of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. And he didn’t

This shouldn’t be the last day of the impeachment trial. Live coverage #1

February 13, 2021
Following the latest bombshell news about Kevin McCarthy’s screaming match with Donald Trump on January 6, will House Managers request witnesses, or will today be the final day of the second impeachment trial for Trump? We’ll find out soon.  The impeachment trial is being aired on major television news networks and streamed on their websites. Daily Kos