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Compromise of 1877 – The South Restored to Power

October 20, 2019
See larger image Reunion and Reaction: The Compromise of 1877 and the End of Reconstruction (Paperback) New From: $34.98 In Stock The Hayes Tilden Compromise of 1877 What was the Compromise of 1877, and why did it irrevocably alter the fate of African Americans in the US? In 1876 there was a contested presidential election

Black Reconstruction 1

March 12, 2017
Weirdly, I all started my mission of rereading Du Bois’ 1935 Black Reconstruction every week earlier than HRC’s remarks (see right here).  I’m going to maintain a few of my studying notes on tumblr. For now, I’ll simply go away this evaluation of Black Reconstruction from The Herald Tribune (1965) here: “After 1935 no severe

Black Reconstruction 2

March 12, 2017
“… the plight of the white working class all the way through the world these days is at once traceable to Negro slavery in The United States, on which up to date commerce and trade was established… The resulting colour caste established and retained with the aid of capitalism became adopted, forwarded and authorised with

Books Study in 2016 #17: Black Reconstruction in The USA by W.E.B. Du Bois “The most remarkable drama in the ultimate thousand years…

March 12, 2017
Books Examine in 2016 #17: Black Reconstruction in The USA by W.E.B. Du Bois “The most awesome drama in the ultimate thousand years of human historical past is the transportation of ten million human beings out of the dark great thing about their mom continent into the brand new-found Eldorado of the West. They descended into