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State Department watchdog resigns after predecessor’s ouster

August 6, 2020
The State Department’s acting inspector general resigned abruptly on Wednesday following the firing of his predecessor in circumstances now being investigated by Congress. Stephen Akard announced his resignation just two days after Democrats issued subpoenas for several of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s top aides to answer questions about the shakeup in the watchdog’s office.

‘I Was Not Going to Stand.’ Rosa Parks Predecessors Recall Their History-Making Acts of Resistance

March 13, 2020
On March 2, 1955, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin was sitting on a totally full bus in Montgomery, Ala., when the driver asked her and three black schoolmates give up the whole row so that a white woman could sit. According to her biographer Phillip Hoose’s account of the events, her classmates got up and moved to…