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Biden’s jobs and family plans are broadly popular—but only if people know about them

May 28, 2021
A Politico/Morning Consult poll this week highlighted one of the challenges the White House still faces in both passing President Joe Biden’s agenda and then getting credit for it with voters next year. The survey found that 61% of respondents were not familiar with the “American Jobs Plan” and 62% were not familiar with the

Trump’s Rallies Are Backfiring And Making Joe Biden More Popular

October 31, 2020
Trump’s multiple rallies a day aren’t helping his standing in the election, but they are keeping Joe Biden very popular. From a new Fox News Poll released on Friday evening, “Biden has a net +11 personal rating: 55 percent view him favorably vs. 44 percent unfavorably. For Trump, 44 percent view him positively and 55

Voting by Mail Is Popular. So Is the False Idea That It’s Ripe for Fraud.

July 31, 2020
Top Republicans were quick to dismiss the suggestion of putting off Election Day — but Democrats went further, calling it evidence that the president would stop at nothing to throw doubt on the validity of an election that he currently appears likely to lose.At this moment of coronavirus-driven insecurity, where do Americans stand on voting