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Africa: Towards the Regeneration of the University and Public Policy in Africa (Part One)

May 18, 2021
A grounded university curriculum that reflects the realities and is responsive to the needs of the poor, hungry and homeless of Africa is urgent and long overdue. This translates to a radical rethink of the purpose and mission of higher education. Taking billions away from higher education to bail out a historically mismanaged and looted

The Shadow Network (Council for National Policy) Is Not Going Away – BillMoyers.com

March 24, 2021
The Shadow Network (Council for National Policy) Is Not Going Away US Capitol, Pexels, Kendall HoopesFive years ago, at the dawn of the Trump era, few national observers were focused on the role of the Council for National Policy.  That was not a coincidence; over the past four decades, this coalition of Christian nationalists and

Africa: Policy Inconsistencies and Poor Research Slow Young Farmers in Africa

March 20, 2021
Bulawayo — It is not everyday that a young farmer registers success in his enterprise and vows this is what he will do for the rest of his life. Yet this is the story of Lihle Moyo, a 27-year-old farmer from Gwanda, about 160km south of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city. With little to no experience

Biden Puts Trump’s Foreign Policy in Reverse – BillMoyers.com

February 6, 2021
Photo by Vladislav KlapinFebruary 5, 2021 Yet another Friday without a news dump from the federal government (woo hoo!) means that I have the room to highlight something really interesting that was buried in President Biden’s speech at the State Department yesterday afternoon. Not surprisingly, Biden announced a return to a more traditional foreign policy

Africa: Scholar Recommends Ethiopia’s Economic Policy to Other Africans

December 13, 2020
Ethiopia is a good example to African countries with regard to pursuing home-grown economic policy and strategies that are free from the dominance of developed countries, a renowned African policy scholar said. In an emailed interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Political Economy Professor at Nairobi University, Michael Chege stated that the policies and strategies of

Brent Scowcroft, a Force on Foreign Policy for 40 Years, Dies at 95

August 7, 2020
Long after his retirement, Mr. Scowcroft remained a pillar of the Republican national security establishment. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, he joined more than 120 other Republican foreign policy veterans who crossed party lines and endorsed Hillary Clinton. Mr. Scowcroft said she possessed “truly unique experience and perspective” to “lead our country

Trump news – live: White House rescinds policy banning international students from online courses amid mounting criticism and lawsuits

July 14, 2020
ReutersDonald Trump’s administration rescinded controversial new measures that would have effectively banned any international students from living in the United States during the fall months amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the news being announced after a court hearing that lasted just minutes.The president has continued to insist US schools must reopen this autumn despite the