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Africa: Busybodies Outside the Gates – Nigerian Social Media Obsession With Gates’ Divorce Ignores Its Own Marriage Crisis

May 10, 2021
The Gates break-up is somehow being framed in Nigerian media as irrefutable evidence that divinity, and not money, sustains a marriage. In other words, if the Gates had a little more god, the marriage might have been saved. It’s the sort of awkward, largely conservative thinking that suggests that wealth and successful marriage are incompatible.

2nd teen arrested in crash that killed Gwinnett dad outside Walmart

March 10, 2021
ExploreFather of 2 hit, killed by shoplifting suspects fleeing Suwanee Walmart, cops sayExploreWarrants issued for teens accused of killing Gwinnett dad while fleeing WalmartInvestigators determined the teens were trying to get away in the U-Haul van after shoplifting electronics, according to Suwanee police spokesman Lt. Robert Thompson.Shoppers told police they saw the duo fill two

CDC suggests Americans have Thanksgiving outside

November 11, 2020
The Center for Disease Control suggested Americans who are hosting Thanksgiving dinners have their meals outside to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The public health agency gave a number of other suggestions about how to celebrate Thanksgiving safely in updated guidance about the holiday. In addition to an outdoor meal, the CDC said