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South Africa: Stop the Cabbage Slander At Once, Stop It This Very Minute!

March 16, 2021
From negative preconceptions to centuries of being shoved down reticent children’s throats and ungrateful slogans on t-shirts, the cabbage is not having a good time on our plates. And yet, even KFC sells cabbage. Right now, at this very moment, 4.20pm, 10 March 2021, there is a slogan t-shirt for sale on Amazon that reads

It’s Convention Time: 2-Minute Speeches, No Pomp, a Forlorn Milwaukee

August 17, 2020
MILWAUKEE — In a year of canceled plans, with vacations, graduations and sports seasons upended by the coronavirus crisis, the stretch of downtown Milwaukee where Democrats were supposed to hold their nominating convention this week was quiet and sparsely populated — another reminder of a summer lost.Instead of thousands of Democrats preparing to gather at