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Lindsey Graham fist-bumps Kamala Harris, GOP senators congratulate her

November 17, 2020
Sen. Lindsey Graham on Tuesday fist-bumped Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on the Senate floor as he joined Republican colleagues congratulating her despite President Trump’s refusal to concede the race. Harris, a California Democratic senator, extended her fist — rather than the COVID-19 “chicken wing” elbow salutation preferred by current Vice President Mike Pence — as

Trump Heads To The Golf Course With Lindsey Graham Without Even Mentioning John Lewis

July 19, 2020
More than 10 hours after the death of civil rights icon John Lewis was reported, Donald Trump and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham headed to the golf course without even uttering a single word of condolence. “John Lewis is dead,” Andrew Feinberg noted on Twitter. “President Donald Trump has not said a word about it,