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Africa: COVID-19: One year later – WHO Director-General’s new year message

December 30, 2020
Geneva — As people around the world celebrated New Year’s Eve 12 months ago, a new global threat emerged. Since that moment, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken so many lives and caused massive disruption to families, societies and economies all over the world. But it also triggered the fastest and most wide-reaching response to a

75 years later, Japanese man recalls bitter internment in US

September 1, 2020
TOKYO (AP) — When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, the first thing Hidekazu Tamura, a Japanese American living in California, thought was, “I’ll be killed at the hands of my fellow Americans.” It wouldn’t be the last time he felt that way.At 99, amid commemorations of Wednesday’s 75th anniversary of the formal Sept. 2,

Four Years Later, Trump Still Portrays America as Under Siege

August 28, 2020
Right now, this race is a referendum on Mr. Trump and his leadership. For months, Joe Biden has kept a lower profile, allowing the president’s inability to stay away from controversy to drive the race.But given Mr. Trump’s low job-approval ratings, the president desperately needs this election to be a choice. He also needs voters

Here’s How Harvey Gantt Feels, 30 Years Later, About Michael Jordan Refusing to Back Him

May 12, 2020
The fifth episode of The Last Dance, the popular ESPN docu-series examining the impact of Michael Jordan and the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls, touches on one of the more controversial aspects of Jordan’s legendary career: his lack of political engagement during his playing days. Back in 1990 Jordan, who grew up in North Carolina and starred…