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IVORY COAST : NGO African Parks to begin working in Ivory Coast

May 24, 2021
In Ivory Coast, the minister of water and forests has been in discussions since mid-March with the South African NGO Source link

IVORY COAST : Olam loses its cocao crown

April 20, 2021
The first buying period for the 2020-21 cocoa season ended on 31 March and initial results show a major rebalancing between the main buyers. Agri-business behemoth Olam lost the pole position it had held among buyers of Ivorian beans since 2016 to US firm Cargill West Africa. Source link

IVORY COAST : After Zimbabwe, B2Gold sets its sights on Ivorian gold

December 13, 2020
The booming Ivorian gold sector has succeeded in attracting a new player that is already well known in African mining circles: Canada’s B2Gold Corp. Source link